OGM provides the highest quality of products for Oil & Gas Custody Transfer applications. It also offers front-end consultancy, prototyping, in-house testing and accompanies these services with cutting-edge scientific research. Staffed by a wholly independent team of engineers and scientists, OGM provides products to meet both the current and future needs of the petro-chemical industries.


Our R&D is primarily result focused and encompasses the strategic development of products and technologies as well as their effective implementation to provide unparalleled competitive edge to our businesses.


We supply catalogue products and turn key systems providing hydrocarbon analysis and flow metering for the Oil & Gas Industry for both liquid and gas streams. Expertise includes Fiscal Metering, Custody Transfer, On-line and Off-line analysis.

Technology Solutions

We follow effective product creation process (PCP) that enables us to capture our innovations as our secret sauce while also allowing us to provide technology solutions to our partners so that they can achieve bigger, better and faster results.