Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Condition Based Monitoring is the process of monitoring parameters in a system in order to identify a change which is indicative of a developing fault condition.

This then allows Condition Based Maintenance to be used rather than conventional time based maintenance.

The M&T CBM system records all major parameters for all 32 beams several times a second into a fully searchable SQL database. This database can be located on any computer connected to the meter via a standard Ethernet connection and runs as either an application or a service. For the greatest security it is recommended that it is run as a service on a secure server forming part of the flow computer system.

The CBM application accesses this database continually and is therefore running very nearly in “real time”. By using a database very fast access can be obtained to the complete operating history of the meter and trending can either be applied continuously or “as required”. The database is accessed normally from the CBM application, but can also be accessed at any time using standard SQL searches from within Excel™.

Some example “screenshots” from the database are given below.

M&T Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)
M&T Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) Meter Selection Screen
M&T Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)
The Meter Operation Overview screen shows the status of each of the 32 beams in “real time”