Differential Pressure Diagnostics (DPD)

OGM can supply systems that provide assurance of the meter accuracy any DP Meter (Orifice, Venturi, Cone, Wedge, Flow Nozzle etc.). The system called, Prognosis™, can be used as a basis for a Condition Based Maintenance strategy as encouraged in the UK by Department Of Energy and Climate Control (DECC).

Prognosis™ was exclusively developed by Swinton Technology in partnership with DP Diagnostics LLC. It has been proven in both independent laboratory tests and on live field trials in both the UK and the USA, and has been adopted by major oil and gas operators around the world for use on both fiscal and non-fiscal DP meters, onshore and offshore.

The use of diagnostic systems based on the use of an additional measurement of the fully-recovered pressure is gradually becoming well established. Experience has shown that this technique enables the Operator to detect significant deviations from normal operating conditions as they arise. It may therefore form the basis of a condition-based maintenance strategy; DECC has already agreed to the adoption of such a strategy at a major UK terminal. Operators of new developments are strongly encouraged to consider the adoption of such a strategy. The provision of an extra pressure tapping costs relatively little at the design and manufacturing stages, but may permit significant operational savings to be made during the life of the field.