Electric Insertion Sampler - ES50

The insertion sampler is designed for directly connecting to a 2" NB pipe nozzle flange or to fit through 2” full bore flanged isolation valve on the main pipeline to be sampled. The sampler stem has a flow through port where sampling mechanism will periodically grab a 1cc sample.

The sampler is essentially a power driven metering pump. The patented sampling mechanism is a tubular stem with an inner concentric capture tube and a piston. Each cycle first captures a precise volume of sample and then pumps it through a back pressure valve to a sample collection receiver. The sampler can be operated at up to a maximum of 15grabs/min.

The in-line sampler installed in a properly designed system will take representative grabs of sample at a pre-determined rate normally relative to the pipeline flow rate. The composite of the 1,000 to 10,000 grabs collected during a pipeline transfer provides a representative sample of the oil batch, for lab analysis and reference.


The major use is for sampling crude oils and associated production fluids such as NGL and refined products for the measurement of water content, light ends, density and sulphurs to name a few analyses.