Sampling Products

We supply Flow Metering and Analysis products for the oil & gas industry. Products range from catalogue items through to complete turn key packaged systems. All our products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards supplying several global markets. Process streams we can measure include both liquids and gasses. Our on-line liquid systems can measure water cut, density & viscosity complying to the relevant international API, ASTM, IP standards including ISO 3171.

Product design is simply aimed at lowering operational costs and ensuring profitability for the end user.

Sampling Systems

Oil & Gas Measurement (OGM) supplies Flow Metering and Analysis systems and products for the oil & gas industry. Incorporating either our own samplers or those from other manufacturers OGM can provide bespoke Sampling Systems to suit our clients’ specific requirements. Our systems can be used from Crude Oil and Condensate to Refined Product.

Analyser Systems

We design and deliver packaged on-line and off-line process analysis systems primarily for the Oil & Gas and Refining industries. Our solutions include both liquid and gas applications. Our projects team has experience delivering both green and brown field projects.

Our systems are designed to meet international engineering standards and local metrology compliance. Some of the standards and guidance we deliver to are ATEX, PED, ISO 10715, ISO 3171, ASTM D4177, EEMUA 138, DECC version 8 guidance.

Rotary Multiport Selector Valve (RMSV)

OGM's Smart RMSV Revolver™ is a rotary multiport selector valve complete with Leaksen™ leak detection system. This makes it an ideal valve for use within intelligent group metering systems (I-GMS) for flow rate monitoring using multiphase meters in oil and gas fields.

Our Smart RMSV Revolver™ is the first rotary multiport selector valve with remote leak detection system designed for connection with zero leakage.

Ultrasonic Flow and Helical Turbine Meters

Metering & Technology (M&T) is a leading manufacturer of high end ultrasonic flow meters, helical turbine meters and flow conditioners for liquid hydrocarbons custody transfer.

Ultrasonic Meters (DFX) are the only ultrasonic meters with up to 32 beams. They can be proved directly against standard size ball provers and compact provers.

Helical Turbine Meters (HTM) have a unique internal design that allows reliable and stable meter factors even when viscosity changes.

Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) is the process of monitoring parameters in a system in order to identify a change which is indicative of a developing fault condition.

The M&T CBM system records all major parameters for all 32 beams several times a second into a fully searchable SQL database. This database can be located on any computer connected to the meter via a standard Ethernet connection and runs as either an application or a service. For the greatest security it is recommended that it is run as a service on a secure server forming part of the flow computer system.

Differential Pressure Diagnostics (DPD)

OGM can supply systems that provide assurance of the meter accuracy any DP Meter (Orifice, Venturi, Cone, Wedge, Flow Nozzle etc.). The system called, Prognosis™, can be used as a basis for a Condition Based Maintenance strategy as encouraged in the UK by Department Of Energy and Climate Control (DECC).