Rotary Multiport Selector Valve

Smart RMSV Revolver™ with LeakSen™ Leak Detection System

Oil & Gas Measurement Limited’s Smart RMSV Revolver™ is a rotary multiport selector valve complete with Leaksen™ leak detection system. This makes it an ideal valve for use within intelligent group metering systems (I-GMS) for flow rate monitoring using multiphase meters in oil and gas fields.

Our Smart RMSV Revolver™ is the first rotary multiport selector valve with remote leak detection system designed for connection with zero leakage.

Objectives and implemented solutions in Smart RMSV Revolver™

Some of the advantages of the Smart RMSV Revolver™ when compared with other manufacturers include:

• Unique operating principle
• Complete autonomy and remote control of Smart RMSV Revolver™ parameters
• Ensures the zero leakage connection of each well to the measuring line
• Maintain seal at high differential pressure and flowrate of connected wells
• Easy to install, operate and minimum maintenance costs

Scope of Supply

Scope of supply for Smart Revolver™ Multiport Selector Valve with LeakSen™ leak detection system includes the following:

• Revolver™ multiport selector valve
• Leaksen™ controller
• Electrohydraulic actuator